I love to meet smart people with diverse backgrounds.

As either a corporate finance consultant or an outsourced CFO, I spend my days with people I respect and solve problems that not anyone can—or would—solve. It is a simple business model for me. I pick challenging problems and really smart, interesting people and get right down to work.


With decades of deep corporate finance experience, I love to solve the big problems that others shy away from. In business, people matter. And in my experience, when things have changed or are about to change in an organization, people matter more.

Companies are often communities of founders, investors, sometimes family, sometimes neighbors, and best friends. I am acutely attuned to how these relationships are intertwined with the operation and performance of the business.

My role, frequently, is to make the best recommendations under suboptimal circumstances, frequently with incomplete data. With a solid working relationship to fall back on, these difficult decisions become easier to discuss with candor when the time is right.


Often, I am my client’s outsourced CFO. Sometimes, I report to the CFO. Other times, I report to the CEO and mentor the CFO, to help them build the kind of department not otherwise allowed by time or expertise.

Regardless of what role I play, I am an extension of your team, your brand, and your goals. If I am not accepted as part of the team, I will never accomplish the difficult tasks I was brought in to tackle.

The work is challenging. But the relationships don’t have to be. Over the years, I’ve become part of a community shared with my clients, which has become the basis of many long-term relationships built on mutual respect and admiration.

Being part of a team is not just sorting through the data and making the (very) tough calls. Being part of a team—my clients’ teams—means that I send flowers to an intern for her first sale; exchange pictures of my child for pictures of others’; solicit nominations for the best ice cream on Cape Cod; and attend weddings, birthday parties, and let’s-have-fun parties.

I am mindful of the impact my work has on the lives—and livelihoods—of those I work with.

Client Testimonials

Kudus, Denice

A few kind words from my clients.