Denice Sakakeeny

I Love a Good Challenge.

Over 25 years of hands-on, down-and-dirty corporate finance experience applied to the everyday practice of solving business problems.

Corporate Finance Consultant and Outsourced CFO

Chief Problem Solver

Hi, I’m Denice Sakakeeny.

I am an experienced Chief Financial Officer, a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and senior executives. My focus is on addressing complex business challenges and facilitating growth.

I’m a company builder by trade.

I’m strategic in thought and operational in practice. I prioritize people, processes, and technology to support data-driven decision-making and transparent priorities to drive sustainable growth.

I was “raised” in the B2B SaaS VC-backed world of corporate finance and my problem-solving approach reflects that level of discipline. I’ve been an independent corporate finance consultant, advisor and CFO since 2011.

Beyond my client work, I love to share my knowledge and insights through speaking and mentoring.


All the best,

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The Story

I work with people I respect, tackling challenging problems that not everyone can or would solve. It’s a straightforward business model for me: I select tough challenges and collaborate with smart and dedicated individuals, and we dive right into the work.

What I Do

Chief Problem Solver

Denice Sakakeeny & Associates offers expert financial guidance and strategic advice, aiding businesses in navigating complex financial landscapes to make informed decisions for sustained success.

Corporate Finance Consulting

Solutions for complex challenges.

Outsourced CFO

Strategic financial management, including interim roles for short-term needs and fractional services for part-time.


Seasoned financial expertise and thoughtful advice.

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